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We undertake a wide variety of work, as well as contracting out to our partner companies for:

Fire Risk Assessment, Extinguishers, Fire Detection, Intruder Alarms, CCTV and more.


PAT Testing


PAT Testing - Portable Appliance Testing - If you have or use portable electrical items (defined as 110v or 240v electrical items that are plugged into a socket or power lead) as part of your work or club activities, it's always a good idea to have them checked for safety.


With electric products, all manner of things happen to them in the course of their use, and sometimes they become unsafe. Power cables get damaged, casing gets damaged, electric wires come away from their connections in plug sockets, casings can become live . . . in short, your products could become potentially lethal to the user.


This is where PAT Testing comes in. We come to you and perform a number of visual and electrical tests on each item to see if they are safe to use. If they are, we label them as such and record it on the report, and if they're not, we'll try and repair it (if it's a simple fix) or advise you on the best course of action. We give you a full and detailed report on each item, which includes an electrical asset register for insurance purposes, and a certificate that says the items on your premises are safe to use.


You insurers will be happier, the Health & Safety Executive will be happier, your legal department will be happier, your Risk Assessment will be more compliant, your staff and customers will be happier and most of all, you will have some peace of mind that these potentially lethal items are in fact safe to use.


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